Seasonal Storage Solutions for ATVs and Boats: Protect Your Investments

Published on 1/11/2024

Seasonal Storage Solutions for ATVs and Boats: Protecting Your Investments

For outdoor enthusiasts, seasonal storage often involves protecting valuable items such as ATVs and boats. Let's explore some tips for safeguarding these investments during the off-season.

Storing ATVs

1. Clean and Maintain: Thoroughly clean your ATV before storage to prevent dirt and grime buildup. Change the oil, lubricate moving parts, and protect the battery.

2. Elevate Tires: To prevent flat spots, place the ATV on a stand or use a lift to elevate the tires slightly off the ground.

3. Use a Cover: Invest in a high-quality, breathable cover to protect the ATV from dust, sunlight, and moisture. Ensure it fits snugly to prevent pests from entering.

Storing Boats

1. Winterization: Properly winterize your boat by draining all fluids, protecting the engine, and adding fuel stabilizer. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific boat model.

2. Choose the Right Storage: If storing outdoors, use a boat cover designed for your vessel's size. Indoor storage can be great for preventing damage from extreme weather changes.

3. Prop Up the Boat: If storing on a trailer, prop the boat up slightly to allow for air circulation and prevent flat spots on the tires.

Let Riverside Storage be your partner in protecting your investments; so they will always be ready for you, when you are ready to have some fun.